• Mogbekeloluwa Koye-Ladele

Applications are Open!

We are now accepting applications for OAU's 2021/2022 academic session. There seems to be a missing session, with the university calendar showing what appears to be a jump from 2019/2020 to 2021/2022, so for clarity - we are now accepting applications for OAU's next academic session once the current one (as of today) concludes.

Applications will be open from today until 11:59pm (GMT +1) on Sunday November 21.

We're collecting applications via a Google Form. These are the questions we're asking:

  1. Email address. So that we can reach you :-)

  2. A honour-code self certification. We're asking applicants to self-certify that they'll give truthful answers.

  3. Full name and gender. Self-explanatory.

  4. Phone number. Will only be used if we cannot reach applicants via email.

  5. Course and Faculty of Study. Self-explanatory.

  6. Matric Number.

  7. Latest available official CGPA and session and semester of latest available official CGPA. For example, if your latest available official CGPA is from your Part 3 First Semester, enter Part 3 First Semester.

  8. Describe your current hopes and aspirations for the future after you graduate from your First Degree program (max. 200 words). We're well aware that plans change all the time. In fact, we expect them to change. What we're looking for here is evidence that you've thought about what the future holds after university and what you want from that future.

  9. Describe the most significant extra-curricular activity you are involved with on campus. How are you enriched by this activity? How long have you been involved with it? (max. 100 words). It's our experience that these extra-curricular activities can often play a significant role in one's trajectory after university. We're keen to hear what else you're up to asides going to classes.

  10. If your application is successful, which of these will the N60,000 grant go towards? This question doesn't have any bearing on whether you get the grant or not. We're just looking to understand better what people really need.

  11. Please upload proof of your latest available official CGPA. Examples of acceptable proof include an exported PDF from the ePortal showing your name and CGPA or a scanned copy of a letter from your department showing your name and CGPA. This is self-explanatory. We trust that applicants will be honest & present things as they really are.

Please reach out via the Contact page if you have any questions or concerns.

Good luck!

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